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The Registry of Marriages (ROM) was set up to administer the provisions of the Women's Charter (Cap 353) for the registration and solemnization of civil marriages. The Charter provides for monogamous marriages and for the solemnization and registration of such marriages.
Our History
The Women’s Charter (Cap 353) was enacted on 15 September 1961 to provide for solemnization and registration of civil marriages. The Act also provides for penalties relating to solemnization and registration of marriages.

At the inception of the Women’s Charter, Registry of Marriages (ROM) was housed in Fort Canning (now an empty plot of land facing Park Mall) from 1961 to 1983.

On 6 August 1983 ROM was relocated to No 7 Canning Rise. It was also then that the Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) was housed together with ROM in the same building. Dr Ahmad Mattar, Acting Minister for the then Ministry of Social Affairs officially opened the building.

Some 20 years later in 2000, ROM underwent an intensive makeover. During the period of makeover, marrying couples had to make-do with solemnization in temporary cubicles while some couples gamely took up ROM’s innovative idea to get married by a lotus pond up in the hills of Fort Canning. The new ROM was later officially declared opened by Mr Abdullah Tarmugi, then Minister for Community Development (MCD) alongside the officially launching of ROM’s first logo. The new logo brought out the brand identity and significance of ROM as an institution for marriage and a marriage icon. The ROM logo has now become a not-to-be-missed focal point for photography.

On 26 January 2010, ROM moved out temporarily to the MND Building at Maxwell Road, just above the Amoy Street Food Centre while the building at Canning Rise underwent another major facelift.

On 14 June 2011, ROM resumed operations at Canning Rise. The upgraded facilities and services promise to delight marrying couples and warm every heart that arrives. With the integrated ‘Wedding-in-a-Park’ theme and an eco-friendly environment, ROM gives couples and their families a positive and memorable experience for their event of a lifetime.

Our Vision
The ROM's vision is to be a renowned marriage registry serving the needs of Singapore and international marriage couples and clients.
Our Mission
Our mission sets out to administer the Women's Charter in Civil Marriages, and to delight our customers.
Our Logo
ROM Logo
The quintessential elements of marriage - Everlasting Bliss and Love, are represented by the
fluidity and continuity of the stroke "M" which is the Registry of Marriages.
Marriage, a derivative of the stroke flow creating the dual mounts, denotes a stable foundation
for two individuals.
The colour application of metallic bronze, which is a combination of more than one substance,
stands as a measure of trust and commitment.
Our Partners
As early as its inception of the Women's Charter, Religious Leaders had been partners of the ROM, combining religious ceremony with a civil marriage. Today, the partnership has grown to beyond religious groups, to include other respectable and high standing members of the community such as Justices of the Peace (appointed in Nov 1989) and Chairpersons of Community Clubs and Management Committees (appointed in Aug 1992).
The community participation of our partners in marriage solemnization has grown to a level where more and more couples now prefer the convenience of marrying outside ROM by Religious Leaders, Grassroots Leaders and Justices of the Peace.
Our Milestones
15 Sep 1961 The Registry of Marriages (ROM) was set up to administer the provisions of the Women’s Charter (Cap 353) for the registration and solemnization of civil marriages. Under the Charter, polygamy for non-Muslims was abolished. Every marriage was registered in the certificate of marriage and entered in the State Marriage Register.

ROM was then housed in Fort Canning (now an empty plot of land facing Park Mall) from 1961 to 1983.
2 Jun 1967 Customary marriages entered into before 2nd June 1967 were recognised as valid marriages. From 2nd June 1967, marriages solemnized in Singapore are only recognised as valid marriages if they are in accordance with the Women’s Charter (Cap 353).
1 Dec 1982 New marriage certificates were introduced to replace the age-old marriage certificates and standardized in size (from A3 to A4) to make it convenient for the newlyweds to store the certificates.
1 Jun 1983 Marriage records dated as far back as 1875. ROM (together with the Registry of Muslim Marriages) scored a first for being the first department in the then Ministry of Social Affairs to introduce computerization. The MRS (Marriage Records System) enabled faster transactions and storage of State Marriage Registers electronically.
6 Aug 1983 ROM relocated to its current site at No. 7, Canning Rise. ROM and the Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) were housed together in the same building which was officially opened by Dr. Ahmad Mattar, Acting Minister for Social Affairs.
15 Sep 1992 ROM embarked on computerization. This marked the start where data of marrying couples were captured electronically.
16 Sep 1996 ROM successfully introduced Automated Information Marriage Screening (AIMS) – an electronic kiosk where the public no longer had to queue in line to be served at the counters. Instead, they were able to obtain a copy of the marriage record on the spot upon payment of the prescribed fee.
15 Jan 1999 Instant search on marriage applications were made available via an Electronic Marriage Automated System (EMAS) machines located at ROM. Previously the public had to look through lists of papers displayed on notice boards at ROM.
2000 ROM went “cashless” and “cheque-less” to provide customers with an expedient and fuss-free service transaction.
The exquisite gold/silver aluminium marriage certificate canisters were introduced for newlywed couples to safe-keep their marriage certificates.
18 Aug 2000 ROM implemented Solemnization e-Booking. Singapore citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents intending to marry could book a solemnization date of their choice 24/7 via ROM’s website. No more queueing!

A suite of Internet services such as e-Search on Marriage Application, e-Search on Marriage Records and e-Application for Duplicate Marriage Certificates were rolled out.
18 May 2001 Mr Abdullah Tarmugi, the then Minister for Community Development and Sports (MCDS) officiated at the opening ceremony after the completion of an upgrading to the 20-year old registry building. ROM’s first corporate logo was launched at the opening ceremony. The logo signifies Everlasting Bliss & Love, Stable Foundation, Trust and Commitment.
22 Jun 2001 On this date, ROM implemented an electronic filing of the notice of marriage for Singapore citizens. ‘Summary of Notice of Marriage’ containing everything a marrying couple needed to know and comply with (eg. appointment for oath taking, who and what documents to bring for solemnization, etc) were easily accessible. The initiative provided citizens with the convenience of a one-stop service. Prior to this, citizens working/studying/residing overseas have to return to Singapore to apply for marriage.
1 Aug 2001 The practice of churches holding onto stocks of Certificates of Marriages was discontinued as part of streamlining efforts to centralise processes at ROM. Couples continued to enjoy getting married outside ROM while churches found the new arrangement eased them of the administrative duties.
Dec 2001 ROM received its first ISO 9001:2000 certification.
15 May 2003 From this date, newlyweds no longer needed to make an extra trip to ROM after external solemnization to return the original certificate of marriage to ROM. This was achieved through creative partnership with ROM’s volunteer solemnizers. They were given self-addressed envelopes affixed with stamps so that they could conveniently post the certificates back to ROM.
4 Feb 2004 The e-Filing of Notices of Marriages introduced in June 2001 for Singapore citizens was extended to Singapore permanent residents and foreigners. A suite of other e-services was also introduced, namely e-Search for marriage records, e-Application for duplicate marriage certificates and e-Change of solemnization details were concurrently rolled out. This marked the start of full transactional online services, saving couples a trip to ROM.
1 Apr 2004 The gold-coloured marriage certificate folders with marriage vows printed were introduced to commemorate the day that couples say ‘I do’. This replaced the gold/silver aluminium marriage certificate canisters launched in early 2000.
Mid 2005 ROM successfully leveraged on community partnerships to deliver solemnization services to the community. They comprised of volunteers who were Justices of the Peace, grassroots leaders, religious leaders and Family Life Ambassadors/Champions. (Since 2000/2001, volunteer solemnizers were nominated through a system of Nominating Bodies). Couples marrying outside ROM saved a trip to ROM on their big day, and more importantly, enjoy unlimited benefits such as unrestricted hours (i.e. get married any day and time, weekends and public holidays included), unrestricted number of guests, combination of customary, religious and/or civil marriage ceremonies, customised wedding vows and setting.
Jun 2005 ROM successfully collaborated with the National Archives of Singapore (NAS) for the latter to provide marriage record search services to the public for marriages that took place before the enactment of the Women’s Charter on 15 September 1961. These marriage records were returned to ROM by the Chinese and other clan associations and churches after the Women’s Charter came into force. Prior to this, the public was not aware of where to retrieve such old records.
Oct 2005 Couples marrying outside ROM enjoy ease of selecting and securing a solemnizer. The solemnizer listing was refined from an alphabetical listing to one by postal district so as to facilitate proximity convenience for both marrying parties and solemnizers. A listing of solemnizers by constituency was also made available to couples to strengthen grassroots-constituent bonding. The new arrangement resulted in better load distribution for the volunteer solemnizers to serve the marrying community.
Mid 2007 Couples marrying outside ROM and solemnizers enjoy fuss-free return of Certificates of Marriage to ROM, with the introduction of Sing Post’s Business Reply Service, a Paid Reply Envelope Service. This replaced envelopes with manually prefixed stamps introduced in the year 2003.
25 Jun 2009 For the first time, newlyweds could go online to give e-Feedback on marriage services for solemnizations held at ROM or at an external venue. SMS alerts with web address and unique login ID and password were incorporated to enhance the security features.
26 Jan 2010 The Registry started operating at a temporary office at Ministry of National Development (MND) Building at Maxwell Road while the existing building at Canning Rise underwent major upgrading works.
1 May 2010 A free online marriage record search service was implemented for Singapore citizens and permanent residents who have Singpass access. They get to enjoy two free online searches on the Register of Marriages over a 12-month period. This saves $35 on their pockets. The free service is especially useful to help a marrying person search for any marriage records(s) of his/her spouse-to-be.
21 Sep 2010 ROM achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification for the 10th consecutive year since its first certification in 2001.
Jan – Dec 2010 In 2010, 74% (15,095) of marriages were solemnized by volunteer solemnizers in the community. This was a six-fold increase from a decade ago when only 12% (2,319) of marriages were held in the community.
1 May 2011 Following amendments to Women's Charter, the 15-day rule no longer applies if both parties to the marriage are Singapore Citizen/Singapore Permanent Residence.
6 Jun 2011 ROM’s revamped website was launched. The revamped website features a refreshed look and interesting nuggets of information and statistics.
14 Jun 2011 ROM resumed operations at Canning Rise when major upgrading works to the building was completed.
1 Sep 2011 Following amendments to Women's Charter pertaining to marriage requirements:
- Couples are required to attend marriage preparation programmes before their marriage if either party is below the age of 18 years or if both are below the age of 21 years.
- Divorcees who remarry will be required to make a statutory declaration on whether they have existing maintenance orders and arrears.
16 Nov 2012 Brochures on “Marriage Process at a Glance” were made for couple’s easy reference and are available in our 4 official languages.
This is accompanied by a “Marriage Process Checklist”.
12 Mar 2013 An automated SMS service was introduced to remind couples of their verification of documents appointment with ROM.
15 Mar 2013 Users are able to access information in mobile platforms as well as perform some of the ROM e-Services on-the-go by entering the URL: on your mobile device. The mobile friendly site allows members of the public to easily navigate and identify key sections of the websites and information easily.
16 Apr 2013 The Registry of Marriages held an appreciation lunch for our Deputy Registrars of Marriages cum Licensed Solemnizers in appreciation of their voluntary services in solemnizing marriages in the community.
14 Feb 2014 In conjunction with the International Year of the Family (IYF) in 2014, the Registry of Marriages hold a Double Valentine’s Day celebration to celebrate the English & Chinese Valentine’s Day.
Dec 2014 A Marriage Preparation Programme (MPP) for Singaporean-foreigner couples was introduced at ROM as part of the civil marriage registration process. The MPP will help couples gain more insights into cross-cultural issues in their marriage, building the foundation for a strong marriage.
Dec 2016 In commemoration of the 55th anniversary of the Women’s Charter, where the law governing civil marriages in Singapore was enacted in September 1961, the Registry of Marriages held a celebration for couples celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary in 2016 to renew their vows and receive a commemorative marriage certificate.
Last updated: 11 November 2021