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Fee Table
Marriage Fee:
At least one S/Pink or S/Blue NRIC Holder Both Foreigner
Marriage Fee S$42.00 S$380.00
* Note: Marriage fee is regardless of solemnization at or outside ROM.
Other application (At least one S/Pink or S/Blue NRIC Holder) Fee
(a) Waiver of 21 days S$280.00
(b) Prohibited Degree S$280.00
(c) Under 18 years old S$280.00
(d) Re-registration of overseas marriage, or pre-15 Sep 1961 marriage S$75.00
Fee for Search for Marriage Records:
Fee for Extract Copy of Marriage Certificate:
For marriages contracted before 15 September 1961, application of Extract Copy of Marriage Certificate is only available at National Archives of Singapore. Please call 6339 3583 for enquiries.
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Last updated: 01 July 2017