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Change Solemnization Details
This form takes approximately 3 minutes to fill. Please prepare the following:
- Groom's and Bride's identity details
- Notice number or date booked for solemnization
- Credit card (NETS or Cash Card only at internet kiosks at ROM)

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Please make sure that you have read and understood the Instructions before proceeding with submission.
1. Applicability
This service allows for an application to change solemnization details in one or more of the following areas only:
a) Date of solemnization
b) Time of solemnization
c) Witness(es)
d) Venue of solemnization
e) Solemnizer

This e-change service is only applicable for active notice (i.e Notice before expiry date). If the marriage does not take place within 12 months after the date of the notice, the notice and all proceedings consequent thereupon shall be void, and fresh notice shall be given before the parties can lawfully marry.
2. Manner of Applying to Change Solemnization Details
Application for change of solemnization details can be done only through the Internet or at the kiosks located within ROM (Assistance is available to persons using these kiosks). No other mode of application to change solemnization details will be entertained.
3. Time frame for Applying for Change

For marriages within ROM
Change can be made up to the day of solemnization before the ceremony.

For marriages outside ROM
Change can be made up to 5 days before the date for verification and Statutory Declaration. Please check if you may apply for e-change online by clicking here. Otherwise, please come to ROM for assistance.
4. Results of change
For changes to solemnization details made through the Internet and kiosk located within ROM, please print the receipt and follow up on the instructions given.

5. Fees Payable
A standard fee of $25 is payable before each Application for Change. The fee is regardless of the number of items of solemnization details (refer to para 1 above) changed as it is based on per transaction basis.

All payments made after successful transactions are non-refundable (including changes to solemnization details which result in a lower fee payable).

For payments made through the Internet, ROM accepts only payments made in Singapore currency via Credit Card (eNETS Credit).

For payments made at the kiosks located within ROM, ROM accepts only payments made in Singapore currency via Cash Card and NETS. Applicants are advised to collect a copy of the receipt from the printer.


I have read and understood these Instructions and agree thereto.
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  Last updated: 11 November 2021