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File Notice of Marriage
Welcome to the Singapore Registry of Marriages' on-line service for filing notice of marriage.

This form takes approximately 20 minutes to fill. Please prepare the following:
- NRICs (for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents) / Passports (for Foreigners) of groom, bride and two adult witnesses
- Duly completed Solemnizer Consent Form (applicable to solemnization outside the ROM)
- Credit card (NETS or Cash Card only at internet kiosks at the ROM)

Step 1: Getting Started Step 2: Application Details Step 3: Select Date/Time Step 4: Payment Step 5: Acknowledgement  
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Please make sure that you have read and understood the Instructions before proceeding with submission.
1. ROM accepts only electronic filing notice of marriage
Filing of notices of marriage can be done only through the Internet. No other mode of application to file notices of marriage will be entertained.

NOTE: Please ensure you have read and understood the requirements found at: before filing.
2. Category of Persons
ROM administers marriages under the provisions of the Women's Charter (Cap 353) Section 3(4) of the Women's Charter states that "No marriage between persons who are Muslims shall be solemnized or registered under this Act"
3. Period of Solemnization
The earliest date which you may solemnize your marriage is 21 days after the date of notice (excluding the day on which you file the notice). For example, if you file your notice on 30 January, the earliest date which you may solemnize your marriage is 21 February.

The last date which you may solemnize your marriage is before the end of 12 months after the date of notice (excluding the day on which you file the notice). For example, if you file your notice on 30 January, the last date which you may solemnize your marriage is 30 January next year.
4. Date of Notice
The date of notice is the date and time when ROM has successfully received your application details submitted at Step 2 of filing. Please note that if ROM does not successfully receive your payment of the requisite fees (see paragraph 6 below), you will need to re-submit your application details and your date of notice will be the date and time when ROM has successfully received your re-submitted application details at step 2 of filing if payment is subsequently received by ROM.
5. Solemnization Venue
You may decide to solemnize your marriage at a venue of your choice; where there are no restrictions on how you want to personalise your wedding of a lifetime. Or you may choose to have a basic solemnization service at ROM premises and bookings are subjected to availability. Click here to view the available dates for solemnization at ROM.
6. (i) Video-link Verification of Documents/Statutory Declaration (VD/SD)
Click here to check on eligibility.

(i) Video-link Solemnization
Click here to check on eligibility.
7. Fees Payable
Please see the schedule of marriage licence fees payable (Click here for hyperlink).

Payments made are non-refundable.

For payments made through the Internet, ROM accepts only payments made in Singapore currency via Credit Card (eNETS Credit).

For payments made at the kiosks located within ROM, ROM accepts only payments made in Singapore currency via Cash Card and NETS.

Please provide correct information on solemnization details when you file your notice of intended marriage. You may wish to note that a prescribed fee of $25 is payable for each subsequent application to change solemnization date, time and venue as well as witnesses.
8. Official names and NRIC numbers on Certificate of Marriage
If a marriage applicant(s) and/or witness(es) are Singapore Citizens/Singapore Permanent Residents, ROM reserves the right to print on the Certificate of Marriage only principal names and NRIC (Identity Card) numbers as registered with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.
9. Correct and Accurate Information
Please ensure that all information provided, including that of your two witnesses, is correct and accurate. The information which you submit will be the basis for the entries appearing in your Certificate of Marriage (COM). If the information which you submit contains error(s), ROM will be unable to replace your COM as each COM is assigned an individual serial number. A fee is payable for amendments made on your original COM.
10. Notice Number
Please keep your Notice Number strictly confidential to safeguard against unauthorized change. You must quote the Notice Number if you wish to change the solemnization date, time, venue, witness(es) and/or solemnizer.
11. Confirmation of successful filing
If you are filing your notice of marriage through the Internet, you may not telephone or call at the registry to confirm the filing status of your notice. Please use our

Complimentary 'Search On Marriage Application' at:
Your names will be displayed up to one day before the solemnization date.
12. Instructions to be complied with
After your notice has been successfully filed, you must print a copy of the 'Summary of Notice of Marriage' and appear before ROM on the given date and time and produce the requisite documents for verification as instructed on the printout page. If you fail to comply with such instructions, ROM has the right not to issue a marriage licence to you and shall not be liable to refund you.
13. Can I cancel a marriage notice or solemnization?
You may not cancel your notice of marriage. If the marriage does not take place within 12 months after the date of the notice, the notice and all proceedings consequent thereupon shall be void, and fresh notice shall be given before the parties can lawfully marry.

For administrative purposes, ROM reserves the right to cancel your notice of marriage if you miss your solemnization appointment and have not applied for a change of solemnization date prior to the scheduled appointment.
We acknowledge that we have read and understood these Instructions and agree to all the terms set out herein.
We further agree that ROM may retrieve, use or disclose our personal data from or to any government agencies for the purpose of considering our marriage application.
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Last updated: 09 July 2020