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Search for Marriage Records

This service provides for search on Civil Marriages solemnized in Singapore only, and from 15 September 1961.

A fee is payable, regardless of whether the search yields a marriage record or not.

This form takes approximately 5 minutes to fill. Please prepare the following:
- Groom's or Bride's identity details
- Credit card (NETS or Cash Card only at internet kiosks at ROM)

Step 1: Getting Started Step 2: Search Step 3: Payment Step 4: Search Results  

   Please make sure that you have read and understood the Instructions before proceeding with submission.
1. Scope of Search for Marriage Records
This service provides the applicant with the results of a search for a marriage registered with the Registry of Marriages (ROM) Singapore and not with a Duplicate of Marriage Certificate.
2. Where to Search for Marriage Records
You can search for marriage records for marriages registered with the Registry of Marriages (ROM) on or after 15 September 1961 using this e-Service. For marriages contracted before 15 September 1961, you should enquire directly with the National Archives of Singapore.

Marriages registered on / after 15 Sep 1961 Marriages contracted before 15 Sep 1961 (Civil Marriage)


Self-help kiosks at ROM Building
7 Canning Rise
Singapore 179869

National Archives of Singapore (NAS)
1 Canning Rise
Singapore 179868
Operating hours:  10.00am to 6.30pm (Weekdays)

Email address :

Please note that the register is only a record of civil and Non-Muslim marriages that have taken place in Singapore. It is not intended for the purpose of determining the legal capacity to marry of any individual in Singapore or elsewhere.

This search service will only yield records of marriages conducted 14 days ago. For example, on 15 Jul 2013, 9pm, the service will screen marriages which took place on 01 Jul 2013 and before.
3. Manner of conducting Searches for Marriage Records
Searches can be done only through the Internet or at the kiosks located within ROM (self-help kiosks). No other mode of application for Search for Marriage Records will be entertained.
4. Search criteria
  To search for a marriage record, enter the NRIC (Identity Card) Number or Passport Number recorded at point of marriage and/or name of a party to the marriage. A search will be made using the exact information provided.

If you search by name, any missing character, blank space, misspelling, dash, other punctuation, re-arrangement of words or any other inaccuracy may result in no record. Please see example below.

Correct name: Tan Chee Keong Alvin

S/no Type of common typo error Examples
1 Missing Character Ta Chee Keong Alvin
2 Blank Space Alvin TanChee Keong
3 Misspelling Tan Chee Kiong Alvin
4 Dash Tan-Chee Keong
5 Other punctuation Tan Chee Keong, Alvin
6 Re-arrangement Alvin Tan Chee Keong
5. Search outcome

The 'Record' will yield only data recorded at the point of marriage registered with ROM, Singapore.
Data are strictly historical and may not be updated even if a name is changed by deed poll and/or the marriage status is annulled/divorced/widowed and/or the identity numbers are replaced.

Where 'No record is found'
•  This means that there is no record of marriage matching the information entered
•  It does not mean that a person is unmarried. He/she may already validly be married under the law of another country. Overseas marriages are not captured in Register of Civil marriages.

'Record is found'
•  This means that a record of marriage matching the information entered has been found.
•  It does not mean a person is married. He/She may already been divorced/annulled/widowed.

Sample of search result: Search by name Sample of search result (by name)
white space Search by ID Sample of search result (by ID)
6. Results of search
The application will be processed on the next working day. If you select "self-collect", the search result will be ready for collection at ROM between 3pm and 5pm the next working day. If you select "by post", please note that the expected delivery is about 7 days for local addresses and about 2 to 3 weeks for overseas addresses.

7. Fees Payable
A standard fee of $35 is payable before each search is made. This fee is payable regardless of whether a record of marriage is found, and regardless of whether a mistake was made in entering the search information.

All payments made are non-refundable.

For payments made through the Internet, ROM accepts only payments made in Singapore currency via Credit Card (eNETS Credit).

For payments made at the kiosks located within ROM, ROM accepts only payments made in Singapore currency via Cash Card and NETS. Applicants are advised to collect a copy of the receipt from the printer.
  I have read and understood these Instructions and agree thereto.
Last updated: 30 November 2021