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Search for Marriage Records
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   There are 3 ways to search for a marriage record:
   (i) NRIC No.(for Singapore Citizens / Singapore Permanent Residents); OR
   (ii) Passport No. (for Foreigners); OR
   (iii) Full Name & Date of Birth.

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white space For those with marriage records, enter only the NRIC/Passport No. which was used at point of marriage registered.

white space (Note: Marriage record will not be updated with new NRIC/Passport No/Name)

white space For those who have not registered a marriage at ROM, enter the current NRIC/Passport No/Name.

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   Information of person to be searched      
*      Note: Full NRIC No. required eg. S1234657A
*      Note: Name should be as specific as possible
  * Date of Birth (dd mm yyyy)     

   Applicant's Particulars      
  *      The name and NRIC / Passport No. provided shall be used to verify the collection of the Duplicate Certificate.
  (Max. 200 chars)
    Note: Please provide accurate and complete address in English.
     Otherwise, you may not receive a copy of your request.

    Note: If Others, please enter the name of Country/Region in the mailing address.

The document will be posted to you by the next working day.
The expected delivery is about 7 days for local address and about
2 to 3 weeks for overseas address, depending on the postal service.

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note icon   Please ensure that your PC is connected to a printer. You are required to print a copy of Receipt & Instructions at the end of the transaction.

Last updated: 08 July 2015