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1. Can ROM update the Marriage Register after I have been issued with a new passport /Singapore Pink/Blue identity card (the number is different from the one I registered my marriage) or after I have changed my name by deed poll? Should I update the ROM if there are changes to my identity type, identity number, name and/or marital status?
No. Data recorded at the point of marriage may not be amended.There is thus no need to inform the ROM of any changes.
2. Can I , after solemnization, return the marriage certificate to ROM to treat the marriage as cancelled?
No. A marriage once entered into cannot be cancelled. Only a Court of competent jurisdiction can dissolve a marriage. Please consult a lawyer.
3. Who is the authority and how can I apply for divorce?
The Court is the authority. Divorces are handled by lawyers.

               Family and Juvenile Court
               3 Havelock Square
               Singapore 059725
               Tel: 64355110
               Fax: 64355112
               Internet Website:
               Internet Office Email Address:
4. Can ROM remove my marriage record permanently since I am divorced?
No. The Marriage Register is a public record of marriages. Dissolution of a marriage does not mean that the marriage never took place.
5. Do I have to inform the ROM after divorce?
No. There is no legal provision for updating marriage records. Marriage records captured are at point of marriage.
6. Can I ask the ROM to conceal my marriage record in its database?
No. According to the law, every marriage record shall be open for inspection (free for up to 2 online searches over a 12-month period or upon payment of the prescribed fee) by any person applying to inspect the same.
7. Do I need to change my name or title after marriage?
No, but if you do, the records with ROM will not be amended.
8. Who is responsible for the accuracy of entries appearing on my Notice and Certificate of Marriage?
Marriage applicants are responsible.

a) When filing a notice of marriage online
Please enter accurately and check carefully before submitting.
b) On the day of Verification of Documents/Statutory Declaration (VD/SD)
Please check for accuracy again before making the SD (oath)
c) Immediately after solemnization
Please check for accuracy for a last time before leaving the solemnization venue.
Last updated: 05 March 2018