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1. How do I file a notice of marriage?
Click here to go to 'File a notice of marriage'.
2. What can I expect during filing?
You will read the terms and conditions for filing, complete a checklist, enter all necessary details including that of your witnesses and solemnizer (if marriage is outside the ROM), check all entries for accuracy, book a solemnization date/time and make payment. At the end of the transaction, you will need to print the payment receipt and ‘Summary of Notice of Marriage’ containing important information including the date and time (which is strictly by appointment) to appear at the ROM for verification of documents and statutory declaration.
3. How do I know if filing is successful?
Your payment receipt and Summary of Notice of Marriage are proof of successful filing. You can also click here to go to free 'Search for marriage application'.
4. How do I change my solemnization details?
Click here to go to 'Change solemnization details'.
5. Why does the system keep rejecting a change of solemnization date?
The new date is outside the legal time frame. Click here(open a new window) to view the calendar.
6. How do I cancel my notice of marriage?
A notice cannot be cancelled. It will expire at the end of 12 months from the date of the notice. A fresh notice may be filed only after the subsisting notice has expired.
7. How do I correct the typo errors made during filing?
You can do so on the day of VD/SD. Inform the ROM counter staff and they will assist you. A prescribed fee may be payable for change.
8. Who is responsible for the accuracy of filing entries appearing on my marriage certificate?
Marrying parties are responsible for checking accuracy of entries during filing and before submitting the notice.
9. Who is responsible for filing a notice of marriage?
Marrying parties (and not the solemnizers) are responsible for filing a notice of marriage.
Last updated: 29 May 2020