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List of Licensed Solemnizers

Licensed Solemnizers
As early as the inception of the Women's Charter, Religious Leaders had been partners of the ROM, combining religious ceremony with a civil marriage. Today, the partnership has grown to beyond religious groups, to include other respectable and high standing members of the community such as Justices of the Peace (appointed in Nov 1989) and Chairpersons of Community Centre/Club Management Committees and Citizen's Consultative Committees(appointed in Aug 1992).

The community participation of our partners in marriage solemnization has grown to a level where more and more couples now prefer the convenience of marrying outside ROM by Religious Leaders, Grassroots Leaders and Justices of the Peace.
Grassroots Leaders by Divisions and by GRC
Justices of the Peace (by district)
Additional Solemnizers
Partners of FamilyMatters@Work
Religious Leaders
Other Religions
Bahá'í Faith
Do remember to

  1. Check with your Solemnizer on his/her:
    1. Language preference for solemnization
    2. Requirement(s) such as meeting up and/or pre-marriage preparation

  2. Invite your Solemnizer personally (third party such as a relative or wedding planner is not entertained)

  3. Note that your Solemnizer sacrifices personal time and efforts when he/she accepts your invitation to grace your joyous occasion as Guest-of-Honour. As a gesture of appreciation, please ensure that he/she is warmly received, entertained, and reimbursed for transport to and from your wedding venue.
Last updated: 08 July 2015