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1. Who must give consent if I am a minor?

Consents required for the marriage of a Minor

Circumstances Person or persons whose consent is required
Where the minor is legitimate
Where both parents are living

a) if parents living together

Both parents
b) if parents are divorced or separated by order of court or by agreement The parent to whom the custody of the minor is committed by order of any court or by the agreement, or, if the custody of the minor is so committed to one parent during part of the year and to the other parent during the rest of the year, both parents
c) if one parent has been deserted by the other The parent who has been deserted
d) if both parents have been deprived of custody of minor by order of court The person to whose custody the minor is committed by order of the court.
Where one parent is dead

a) if there is no other guardian

The surviving parent
b) if a guardian has been appointed by the deceased parent The surviving parent and the guardian if acting jointly, or the surviving parent or the guardian if the parent or guardian is the sole guardian of the minor
Where both parents are dead The guardians or guardian appointed by the deceased parents or by the court under the Guardianship of Infants Act (Cap 122)
Where the minor is illegitimate
If the mother of the minor is alive The mother or, if she has by order of the court been deprived of the custody of the minor, the person to whom the custody of the minor has been committed by order of court.
If the mother of the minor is dead The guardian appointed by the mother, or by the court
Where the minor is a transferred child
If the father, mother, legal guardian or guardian of the transferred child is not available or does not give his consent The person whose particulars are registered with the protector under the Children and Young Persons Act (Cap 38) as the person who has the care, custody or control of such transferred child.
Note: Consents are to be accompanied by supporting documents and/or Statutory Declarations where applicable.
2. How do my parents give consent for me to marry?

If your parents are in Singapore
Your parents should come to ROM, together with you, on the day of your VD/SD appointment to give consent for the marriage. Please refer to the ‘Summary of Notice of Marriage’ for the list of documents to bring to ROM. If you need to retrieve a copy of the Summary of Notice of Marriage, please click here.

If your parents do not understand English, Mandarin, Malay or Tamil, please arrange for a Certified Interpreter (certified by the respective Embassy) to be present during the VD/SD appointment.

If your parents are overseas and unable to come to ROM
Please follow the steps below to execute and endorse the Consent Document for use in Singapore.

Step 1: Your parents should engage the service of a Notary Public (and Certified Interpreter,
     if applicable) in their home country to execute the consent (“Consent Document”). The
     Consent Document should include the information (point 1 to 7) as stated in the table below.

Step 2: Bring the notarised Consent Document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the equivalent
     authority of that country for attestation.

Step 3: Thereafter, bring the attested Consent Document to the Singapore Consulate in that country
     to be endorsed for use in Singapore.

On the day of your VD/SD appointment, please submit the duly endorsed Consent Document to ROM together with the other relevant documents as stated in the ‘Summary of Notice of Marriage’. If you need to retrieve a copy of the Summary of Notice of Marriage, please click here.

Information Required
1) Relationship between the consenting parties (either parents or legal guardian) and the minor;
2) Name, Identity No., and Signature of Consenting parties
3) Name, Identity No., Birth Certificate No. and Date of Birth of Minor
4) Name, Identity No./Passport No., Date of Birth and Address of Spouse-to be
5) Name, License No., Contact No., Business Address, Seal & Stamp of office and Signature of the Notary Public
6) Name, Identity No., Contact No., Address, Language of Interpretation, Seal & Stamp and Signature of the Certified Interpreter (if applicable). Attach a Copy of the Certificate of Appointment.
7) Date of Consent given.
3. My parents are not on talking terms / one parent cannot be located. Can only 1 parent give consent?
No, both parents must give their consent, unless 1 party is demised. Please see FAQ ‘Who must give consent if I am a minor’.
4. My parents are demised / cannot be located. Can I marry without their consent?
The legal guardian(s) appointed by the Court must give consent to marry.
5. Can my sister, brother or relative give consent to marry on behalf of my parents?
No, unless they are your legal guardian(s).
6. Do you still need my parents’ consent if I am below 21 years old at point of filing but 21 years old at solemnization?
7. Is the day and month of birth included in computing the age for marriage?
What is the procedure for the marriage of a minor below 18?

If you are below 18 years old, and wish to register a marriage, you have to apply for a Special Marriage Licence (SML) as specified under the Women's Charter (Sections 9 and 21(2)).

Application Procedure

Your parent(s) / legal guardian(s) must give their consent in writing in order for you to apply for a SML. You and your partner must also attend a marriage preparation workshop as part of the application process for the SML.

Please read the following for more information on the application procedure:

You and your partner should come to the Registry of Marriages (ROM) office to file a ‘Notice of Marriage’. (Payment is payable by NETS/Cashcard.)
A worker from a social service agency appointed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) will contact you to arrange for an interview. You, your partner and your respective parent(s) / legal guardian(s) will have to attend the interview. The worker would obtain the relevant documents (please see section below) and parental consent in writing from you and your parent(s) / legal guardian(s) during the interview.
You and your partner must attend a marriage preparation programme (MPP) at the appointed agency. Your parents may be required to attend relevant parts of the programme. Details of the programme would be given during the interview with the worker.
After the MPP, you will be given a reference number (e.g.IF123456) to be entered into your online application on the ROM website. (Go to "Update Completion of Mandatory Marriage Preparation Programme".) You will subsequently be given appointment dates to complete the Statutory Declaration at ROM.
After you and your partner have signed the Statutory Declaration at ROM, your application will be submitted for approval by the Minister (Social and Family Development).
An officer from MSF will contact you to inform you of the outcome of your application.

Relevant Documents

Please bring along the following document for the interview at the appointed agency:

(a)   Identification documents (e.g. passport or identity card)
(b)   Documents to establish status of the applicants' parents or guardians
Birth certificate
Separation deed, divorce certificate, custody / guardianship order (if the minor's parents are separated or divorced)
(c)   Death certificate (if parent(s) / legal guardian(s) is/are deceased)

You may be asked to bring along other relevant documents. The documents will be listed in the summary of notice of marriage when you have successfully filed your notice of marriage.

Important information

The SML process may take 3 months or more for completion from the date of your online filing. You should not finalise any arrangements for your wedding celebration until you had been granted the SML.

The SML will only be granted if you and your prospective spouse are assessed to be suited for marriage and the Minister approves the application. Attendance at the social assessment interview and MPP do not necessarily mean that the SML will be granted.)

You must register your marriage at ROM within 1 month of the issuance of the SML.

All successful SML applicants will be attached to a worker from an Appointed Agency for up to 3 years. This worker will work with you to strengthen the marriage as well as to provide support in other areas, where necessary. The worker may also refer you to other agencies for more effective support in the initial years of your marriage.

Where you do not present yourself for the interviews or do not appear at the ROM to complete the necessary procedures, it will be considered as a voluntary cancellation of the SML application.

Please note that fees paid are non-refundable.

Last updated: 05 June 2020