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1. Where can I solemnize my marriage?
Choose to solemnize your marriage outside the ROM where you have the flexibility to determine the venue, time and how you want to celebrate your wedding of a lifetime. Basic solemnization services can also be held at the ROM premises which is subject to availability on a first-come-first-serve basis.
2. What the perks of marrying outside the ROM ?
You will be spoilt for choice for venue, eg. under water amidst swimming fishes, by the starry moonlit night, by a beach or garden, at scenic spots such as Mount Faber or Botanic Gardens, by your condominium poolside, or simply the comfort and convenience of home. You are not restricted in the number of guests you want to bring. Very importantly, you will enjoy exclusivity - the wedding environment is all to your own and there are no other bridal couples vying for the attention of your well wishers. You save time and effort too, by combining civil (solemnization), religious and customary ceremonies 3-in-1. You will, without doubt also enjoy the dedicated attention of your Solemnizer and solemnization in leisurely pace.
What are the available dates for solemnization outside the ROM and do I have to worry about not securing my preferred date and time?
You can choose any date/time including weekends and public holidays, and not worry as long as the preferred date is within the legal time frame. Click here(open a new window) to check the legal time frame.
4. How do I go about getting married outside the ROM?
Follow these steps:
1. Decide on and confirm the solemnization date, time and venue.
2. Click here List of Licensed Solemnizers to go to 'List of Licensed Solemnizers'.
3. 3-4 months (and not earlier) before the solemnization date, contact a solemnizer (choose one from within your constituency/postal district). Tell him about your marriage details such as plan, venue, date, time.
4. Click here to download a 'Solemnizer Consent Form'.
5. Meet and obtain your solemnizer’s signature on the consent form. For contingency reasons, always ask your solemnizer for the name and contact number of his/her buddy solemnizer.
6. Click here to go to 'File Notice of Marriage'.
5. Can you tell me why I cannot find the name of a solemnizer I knew or heard about in your solemnizer list?
This means that the person is no longer licensed to solemnize.
6. Who are licensed solemnizers?
They are community leaders, e.g. Justices of the Peace (appointed by the Prime Minister’s Office), Religious Leaders, Grassroots Leaders and other respected persons appointed by the Minister for Social and Family Development based on support by their respective Nominating Bodies.
7. What courtesies should I extend to my solemnizer?
Your solemnizer is a volunteer and not an employee of the Ministry. He is a community leader who sacrifices personal time and effort to meet you for consent signing and then to officiate at your wedding. You should extend your respect and courtesy to him as you would for your guests.

Remember to discuss and seek his views on your solemnization plans. Be punctual for the solemnization. Note that your solemnizer may leave the marriage venue after 30 minutes if there is no prior notice given for the delay. Where possible, arrange valet parking or complimentary parking for him and have someone you know host him while he is at your solemnization ceremony. You may invite him to your wedding reception but it is not compulsory that you do so. Above all, do not forget to thank him.
8. Why does ROM only offer basic no-frills solemnization room and service?
Can I view the booking schedule and can I still marry on my preferred day/time if bookings are full?
Basic no-frills setting helps to keep marriage fees affordable and caters to couples desirous of a simple ceremony (group of 4 up to a maximum of 20 people). Bookings are on a first-come-first serve basis.
Click here to view the booking schedule. You still can get married on a date you want when bookings are full by marrying outside the ROM.
9. Can I file a notice more a year in advance?
No. The law provides for filing a notice of marriage up to 12 months in advance.
Click here to view the filing calendar.
Last updated: 29 May 2020