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1. Can my marriage be solemnized on a weekend or public holiday?
Yes, if you plan for the solemnization to be outside of the ROM.
2. Can my 2 witnesses for solemnization be foreigners or friends?
Yes, as long as they are above 21 years old.
3. How do I know which solemnizer to invite to officiate at my wedding?
You can invite any solemnizer from the list of solemnizers, but it would be more convenient for you and the solemnizer if you invite one from within your constituency or postal district.
4. Can I change my solemnization date, time, witness, venue and/or solemnizer?
Click here to go to 'Change Solemnization Details'. A prescribed fee is payable. Note that the new date must be within the legal time frame i.e. after 21 days and within 12 months of the date of the notice of marriage.
5. Who should attend the solemnization? What should we bring for the solemnization?
Both the bride and the groom, two credible witnesses and the licensed solemnizer must be present at the marriage solemnization. You may of course invite family and friends to attend the ceremony.

Both parties to the marriage and their witnesses must bring along their original NRICs (citizens) / Passports (foreigners). Wedding rings for exchange are optional.

If your marriage solemnization is at a venue outside the ROM, do not forget to bring along the marriage certificates and marriage licence, otherwise the solemnization cannot proceed. Please make sure that you check the instructions in your Summary of Notice of Marriage or click here to ‘Retrieve Summary of Notice of Marriage’.
6. Is there any dress code for the marriage solemnization?
Please note that you have to be properly dressed in attire befitting the solemnity of marriage, which is the union between one man and one woman. Proper attire includes shirt and pants or other formal male attire for the bridegroom, and a dress or other formal female attire for the bride. You should also not be dressed in an indecent or unsuitable manner.

This is an important occasion and we expect the parties involved to respect the institute of marriage, the dress code at ROM, and the solemnizer, which would include the attire that the parties choose to wear.

Please note that the Registrar and/or the licensed solemnizer can decline to solemnize a marriage if he or she is of the view that the attire chosen by the parties is not in accordance with the solemnity of the occasion, and the spirit of the marriage as the union between one man and one woman.
7. How long is the solemnization ceremony?
The formal solemnization ceremony takes 10 to 20 minutes if held outside the ROM, and about 5 minutes if held within the ROM.
8. What is the solemnization process? When do we receive our marriage certificate?
Your solemnizer will proceed only upon a marriage licence being produced. He will verify all documents and identities then seek confirmation that parties entering into a marriage do so of their own free will. During the ceremony, the couple may exchange wedding rings (this is optional). Thereafter all parties (groom, bride, 2 witnesses and solemnizer) will sign on the marriage certificates. At the end of the ceremony, the solemnizer will pronounce the marrying parties man and wife and hand a copy of the Certificate of Marriage over to the bride.
9. Is it compulsory for our parents to attend the solemnization ceremony?
No, unless you have submitted their names as official witnesses.
10. Can we invite a solemnizer to solemnize our marriage overseas?
11. What must I do if one of my witnesses cannot make it to solemnization?
Inform your solemnizer and he will assist you. Please go to the ROM the next working day to make the necessary amendments. The prescribed fee is payable. Thereafter, your solemnizer will need to sign the fresh copy of the marriage certificate.
12. How much is the fee for the solemnizer?
Licensed Solemnizers are volunteers and provide solemnization services as part of their contribution to the community. They should not expect a fee for the service. The couple may, as a goodwill gesture, give the solemnizers a token of appreciation. This is entirely up to the couple.
13. Can solemnization proceed if we forget to bring our marriage licence or identity documents to the solemnization venue?
No. Your solemnizer cannot solemnize a marriage without the marriage licence and identity documents of all the relevant parties.
14. What happens if my solemnizer informs us at the last minute that he cannot come to solemnize our marriage?
This is extremely rare but if that happens, ask if he has managed to contact his buddy solemnizer. If yes, reiterate the details such as name and contact no and confirm arrival time, etc (note you have gotten the buddy solemnizer’s details at the point of obtaining consent). If no, it may be due to an emergency or accident and we seek your kind patience and understanding. Please proceed to contact the buddy solemnizer. Please also refer to FAQ 16 below.
15. What can I do if my solemnizer has not shown up and is not contactable?
Your solemnizer will always inform you beforehand and would have arranged for his/ buddy solemnizer to solemnize your marriage if he has an emergency to attend. However, under rare or unfortunate circumstances where he cannot notify you and/or keep the appointment, we seek your patience, understanding and compassion. You may opt to:
a) Contact your solemnizer’s buddy (please obtain his/her name and contact when you meet your solemnizer to sign the consent form) or
b) Go to: and try to invite a solemnizer who can come almost immediately to the wedding venue or
c) Let the rest of the program such as cake-cutting, champagne-popping, toasting, etc proceed to minimize disruption to your wedding plans.

If solemnization has not taken place, please go to ROM with your marriage documents and the two witnesses by the next working day. ROM is committed to serve and solemnize your marriage immediately without delay.
Last updated: 11 November 2021