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1. Can I change the VD/SD appointment?
VD/SD appointments are allocated so as to allow a marriage licence to be issued within legal time frame and the solemnization to proceed as planned. ROM will only handle request for change due to emergency.
2. Must my spouse-to-be and I go to the ROM together for VD/SD?
Yes, both parties must be present at the same time.
3. What and who should we bring along for VD/SD?
Please check your 'Summary of Notice of Marriage' or click here to 'Rerieve Summary of Notice of Marriage'.
4. Do we need to bring along the 2 witnesses for VD/SD appointment?
No. Please check your Summary of Notice of Marriage.
5. Do we need to bring along our parents for VD/SD appointment?
No, unless you are a minor (below 21 years) and parental consent is needed.
6. What document do I bring if my NRIC is lost?
Please produce a temporary identity document affixed with your photo issued by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.
7. Is there special advice for minors?
Click here to go to 'Minors'.
8. I am a minor. Who and what should I bring along for VD/SD?
Refer to your 'Summary of Notice of Marriage'. Click here to 'Retrieve Summary of Notice of Marriage'.
9. My solemnization is outside the ROM and I have collected my marriage certificates. Can I laminate my marriage certificates?
Please do not laminate your certificates as the solemnizer, 2 witnesses, your spouse-to-be and you will need to sign on the marriage certificates on the day of solemnization.
Last updated: 05 March 2018