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Marriage Statistics and demographics of married couples are available on the Department of Statistics (DOS) website.
Every year, DOS will publish the data for Marriages and Divorces. The information can be retrieved at .
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ROM statistics are tracked by Calendar Year (January to December).
Gazetted Popular Dates
Popular Dates
Other Popular Dates
Other Dates
National Day
National Day
7th Lunar Month
Lunar Month
Marriage Community
About 1000 Licensed Solemnizers can marry couples in the community. They are volunteers appointed from serving
Justices of the Peace, Religious Leaders, Grassroots Leaders, Family Life Ambassadors and Family Life Champions.
Past Marriages
14 February 1995 was the most popular date for marriage in the history of ROM with 1082 solemnisations held in a day.
This date was special as the Western Valentine's Day coincided with the Chinese Valentine's Day (15th day of the first
lunar month).

Last updated: 05 June 2020